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Specializing in all major and minor criminal offenses including DUI, Domestic Violence, and violent felonies.


 Se habla español.

Amy Fowler has over 10 years of experience in Utah criminal defense.


With Utah’s aggressive .05 limit, more people are at a higher risk of getting a DUI and losing their license. It is important to contact an attorney immediately because you only have 10 days to request a hearing with the DMV to contest the suspension of your drivers license. Contact us to review your case today.

Violent and Domestic Violence Crimes

From misdemeanor criminal mischief to aggravated kidnapping, these crimes can have far reaching effects on your livelihood and freedom. Whether it’s intensive pretrial investigations, motions, or experts, every incident that results in a violent/DV charge is unique and may call for a different approach and strategy. Contact us to review your case today.

Drug Related Crimes

Although medical marijuana is legal in Utah, you can still get a charge. The consequences of having a drug related charge in one’s background can be dire, so it is important to have attorneys that understand your 4th Amendment Constitutional rights against an unlawful search and seizure. Contact us to review your case today.

Theft Related Crimes

Theft related crimes are enhanceable, meaning with each conviction comes the possibility of a higher-degree of charge and a steeper sentence. Thus, it is imperative to have a resolution that mitigates the possibility of enhancement. Contact us to review your case today.

Sex Crimes

Just being charged with a sexually related crime can be devastating to one’s life. We understand the complexities and sensitive nature of such a charge. Investigation and preparation are paramount in building a good defense against these types of accusations. Contact us to review your case today.

Fraud/White Collar Crimes

Juvenile Defense

Prostitution and Solicitation

These cases require a detail-oriented patient approach to meticulously dissect the evidence and prepare a defense. We have experience litigating these complicated and convoluted cases. Contact us to review your case today.

When young adults and children are charged with crimes, it can be a stressful time for their families as well. A criminal conviction can have serious repercussions on your child’s future. During this time, it is extremely helpful to have a skilled defense attorney in your corner. 

 Contact us to review your case today.

Prostitution and solicitation are sexually motivated crimes that can devastate an individual’s professional and personal life. It is important to find a defense attorney who knows how to handle these sensitive cases.
 Contact us to review your case today.



We're dedicated to involving the client in every step of the process. We believe that a client is best served when there is continued communication and a trusted relationship between the client and the attorney. Our clients feel connected and informed, allowing them to feel confident in our services.


Our philosophy of premier defense services marks a quality of service that a person cannot find in any other firm. This comes from being experienced, hard-working, and driven. We pride ourselves on being creative and dynamic both in and out of the courtroom.


Our goal is to provide the best defense possible while keeping the client informed and involved.



As a reputable member of the community, Amy Fowler was elected to be a Salt Lake City Councilwoman in 2017. Amy Fowler has been active in the Salt Lake Legal community since graduating in 2011 from the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah. 

She practiced criminal defense at the Salt Lake Legal Defender Association for 5 years as a trial attorney. She is the co-founder of the LGBT & Allied Lawyers of Utah, a Utah State Bar association, and is a Utah State Bar commissioner.  Amy spent five years working and living with different communities in Guatemala and speaks Spanish fluently. Se habla español. Amy is licensed to practice law in the state and federal court in Utah.

Amy Fowler Law


Amy Fowler Attorney at Law 

If you have been charged with a crime, contact Amy Fowler, Attorney at Law at (801) 824-9698 for your free consultation.


Amy Fowler works with clients throughout Utah.


Tel:  801-824-9698

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