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Lead Generators

We're currently in search of lead generators to help grow web traffic to our partners websites. 


With this job you'll get paid a commission - based on REFERRALS not SALES


We're able to track lead generators referrals by using custom URL links to partnering websites and unique individual telephone numbers for each lead generator.


If you know someone who needs help with there debt?

If you know someone who needs a job ASAP?

If you know someone who needs a loan to stay afloat?

Simply refer them to our partners websites and get paid


$10-50 per referral

Commission Breakdown

Over the phone Debt Consultation - $20 (you'll receive a custom number to track calls)


Debt Relief Referral - $10 (Referral is Full Name, Email, Amount of  unsecured debt)


DoorDash Driver Referral - $20 (per activated driver account)  


Funded Personal Loans - $50 (per funded loan application)

Paid by: 

Direct Deposit or Check

Pay Details

  • There is no cap on the amount of referrals you can submit.

  • All referrals will be validated for authenticity

  • Lead generators will not be paid until referrals are locked in and confirmed as valid

  • Leads paid 2-4 weeks after validation 

  • All voided referrals will not be paid 

  • Excesses voided referrals may cause a termination in working with leadgreeks


**Work as a independent contractor 

  Start making money today

right from your phone 



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